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From small town BC, to Alberta city living.

With a passion for capturing extraordinary moments, Brianne Herridge is an emerging videographer, with a diploma in video production from Toronto Film School. Recently settling in Calgary, Alberta, they are excited to bring their expertise to the region's vibrant art scene.

With a focus on creating cinematic experiences, Brianne has honed their skills in the art of storytelling. Their exceptional ability to capture the essence and emotions of weddings has made them a sought-after professional in the industry. From the joyful exchange of vows to the heartfelt moments shared between loved ones, Brianne ensures that every wedding video is a cherished keepsake.

Beyond weddings, Brianne has also crafted captivating performance videos that showcase the talent and energy of various artists and performers. With a keen eye for capturing the right angles, lighting, and expressions, they transform live performances into captivating visual narratives.

Through their lens, ordinary moments become extraordinary stories. With a dedication to quality and a commitment to capturing the essence of each event, Brianne delivers videos that evoke emotions and preserve cherished memories.

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